Sunday, June 14, 2009

A great day marred by Tragic news

Yesterday I climbed Half Dome with some clients.

We heard this tragic news later:

There were people still going up long after we were on the trail down. I know they close the cables off if it gets to dangerous but I don't know why they didn't do it on this day. It had all the signs of bad weather as well as they had closed it the day before. I know that ultimately it is your call but this seems totally messed up to me.
When we were coming down the cables there were two guys(I assume Rangers) looking for the pole with the missing cap used to hold the cables to the pole. It started to sprinkle when we got to the bottom of the cables. Surely they should have stopped people then and there.
They also had to escort another 30 people down.
I hope that the park does whatever they can and should do to make the hike safer for those doing it.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the family.

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