Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Push/Pull with grip emphasis

Bottom up press w/#50 kb 4 x 3 sets; 5 x 2 sets

Rolling thunder #125 3 x 3 sets

Extensor work

Short and sweet but excellent grip workout

Monday, June 26, 2006

Very cool site

Check this out if you do any sort of distance training:

Zoom in on where you want and map out your route and it will give you the distance.

Home made grip toy & todays training

I have seen this style of grip tool on a few sites but thought I would make my own. Softball, 6" eye bolt & a bit fo drilling. I countersunk the nut. Very humbling to say the least. Makes a huge difference how you grip it. You can see the difference in weight from overhand (67 1/2) to a more side on grip (75 could have done a bit more). I will be making another one and also a couple with baseballs. Chinsand other fun stuff will be on the cards!

Joint mobility & kb warm up

2 KB deads #100's 3 x 3
2 KB front squats 88's 3 x 3

Band presses (2 yell & 1 mag) 3 x 3
Chins BW 3 x 3

Some softball lifts


Saturday, June 24, 2006

A marathon workout

Enjoying things that are outside of the box limits you to who you can enjoy those activities with. I don't have any regular training partner(besides the dog and she just wants to chase the ball) but I do have some friends crazy enough to drop by now and again.

One of the most admirable traits that I feel you can find in a person is the ability to step up to the plate. If you suceed you achieve and learn but the same can be said if you fail. Just being up there allows you the opportunity to grow and learn. If you don't even step up then you have wasted that opportunity.

I had the pleasure of putting my friend Tom Shook through some fun stuff today. I met Tom about a year ago at one of my workshops. Since then he has become a certified kettlebell instructor. Tom has that admiable quality of stepping up. We did some things that I am sure pushed us to and above our limits. Yes we both attempted some exercises that were beyond our scope but it wasn't about that. It was about stepping up. Some was heavy but that wasn't the total order of the day. Making the lifts difficult was the main aim. Enjoy the pics.

Tire flips w/#400 pound tire, Fatbar deads, #150 med ball, Softball deads. Also did some sled dragging, rope pulling, heavy farmers walks and I am sure other stuff! Ate a big lunch after;)
Thanks for dropping by Tom. Look forward to doing it again soon.

Training update


double kb deads 88's 3 x 3
double kb front squats 3 x 3

band presses (2 yellow & 1 mag) 3 x 3
chins bw 3 x 3


Blob lifting
#30 5, 3
#35 3 x 3
#45 1 x 2 assists

Clubbells #15
shield cast 5 x 3
pendulum 5 x 3

kb snatches
#70 3 x 1
# 88 3 x 3

The rest of the week has been a crazy one for me but I did workouts at different times of the day. Just lots of mini workouts to keep the groove. I knew that I had some people coming and that there would be big training going down. Actually only ended up being one big workout with my friend Tom Shook. I'll write more about it in the next post.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

kettlebell class

Here is tonights kettlebell crew! Hard work and determination especially during the relay!

Friday, June 16, 2006

My training partner

Been a busy time for me but here is the training.


Thick bar deads #145 5 x 2 sets
#195 x 3
#215 x 2 (failed on 3rd rep) , 2 , 1
Blobs #30 x 5 reps
#35 x 2 reps
Blob cleans #20 x 10 reps

wrist work


Kb warm up halo, ribbons, ribbon w/twist, fig 8's

Kb Front squats 28's 5 x 5

clubbells w #15
pendulum 5 x 2
shield casts 5 x 2


#25 shield casts x 5 reps
#15 shield cast x 5 reps

Kb L/cycle 88 2,4,6,2,4,2 most were push presses

wrist/hand work


Band presses 2 yellow 10 x 5 sets

Tri pushdowns with bkue band 5 x 2 sets
Reverse M/P pulls w/blue band 5 x 2 sets

Shrugs w/2 28 kg kb's 5 x 2 sets
Bottom up floor press w/20kg kb 5 x 2 sets

Overhead lockout w/28kg kb 1 min l+r


MP kb 88 1,2,2,1,1,1
still finding groove


Clubbells #15
swipe & press 2,4,6,2,4,2
in & outward pendulum 2,4,6,2,4,2
Shield cast 2,4,6,2,4,2

Hand work


Had a bit of a play in the morning with rolling thunder and pulled #150 + equipment.

Did an kb exhibition at Sacramento Int fair

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Kettlebell article

I have a new article up on

Be sure check it out and let me know what you think.

Point rooting

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Make it a ......

Friday 2nd

Deadlifts fatbar #226 x 1; #206 x 1; #176 x 1
#176 3 x 10 sets

Hand work

Saturday 3rd

Circuits 30 secs/exercise
#1 jump squats, sledge hitting tire, kb swings #30, sledge, jumping lunges, sledge
#2 kb f/squats #30's,sledge, sandbag highpull #50, sledge, kb sumo deadlift #70's, sledge
#3 dbl kb p/presses(#30's), sledge, zercher lunges w/sandbag #50, sledge, med ball shouldering #60, sledge
*Third circuit did twice through with no break

Hand work

Monday 4th

M/P (2 yellow bands) 5 x 5
Squat (2 yellow bands) 5 x 5

Tuesday 5th

Bottom up presses
#50 2 x 3 sets
#60 1 x 3 sets
#50 3 x3 sets
#60 1 x 2 sets

Chins w/#20 kb 3 x 3 sets

Hand work

Wednesday 6th

Tire flips #400 6 x 10 sets
first 2 sets w/1 min breaks then took 30 sec for the other sets

Haven't had the tire out for a while and was good to get back into it!

Saturday, June 03, 2006

One of my favorite toys

My 2 1/2 " fatbar! It is a beast but a ton of fun.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Training for knowledge

"Difficulties strengthen the mind, as labor does the body" Seneca (5 BC - 65 AD)

I am by no means profound in my thinking!

This week I did a lot (maybe too much) shoulder work but it gave me an insight to my overhead pressing. My point being (remember the first sentence here;) if I always train in my comfort zone or the way that I know as safe then I would not have these insights. I love to train hard and know that training smart is also important but life isn't always this way. It is in times of hardship or extremes we really find what we are made of.


Short hike

Band presses (2 yellow + 1 mag) 5 x 3 sets
Pistols Bw (onto box) 3 x 5 sets


Pistols Bw 3 x 10 sets
Pullups Bw 5 x 6 sets


Pistols 3 x 6 reps

Mil. press KB #50 5 reps
# 70 ladder 1,2,3 done 5 times + 25 reps/ arm


Pistols Bw 3 x 7 sets

Clubbells # 15's
Swipe + press 20 x 2 sets
Shield cast x 5 both directions
behind head circles x 5 both directions

Shoulders felt great after