Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Todays training

Sled + #45 runs forward & backward 200 feet 4 x 1

Hurdle jumps 26" x 10 33" 3 x 6

Explosive/plyo pushups 4 x 10

Monday, March 26, 2007

Catch up time

I am not going to offer any excuses but do apoligize for not being on my blog for a bit.


LaJolla Seminar was awesome. It was a small but great group of people. Thank you to all that attended and for the positive feedback. Thanks Franz & Yoana it was great working with you both and I look forward to doing another seminar with you again. Thanks for letting me stay at your new home. Stay Tuned;)

Was in Arizona over the weekend to finish up the z-health cert. There has been a bit more talk about zhealth in various places. The way I see it: It is a great moblity system and has to be done precisely. Like all systems it is not standalone. I am looking forward to implementing the concepts into my training style.

A real highlight of the weekend was visiting Josh 'Sandman' Henkin's gym. Got to play around with the atlas stones for the first time! Great fun and so different, unique and fun. Flipped the #900 tire for 4 singles but they were not pretty;) Josh had a #1200 but I will have to think about it another time. It was great meeting Josh and his wife and they very kindly let me stay at their home. I really want to thank them for their kind hospitality. I am looking forward to working with him in the future. Stay tuned for that also.

My training/life has been doing a lot of labor work in the garden still. Trying to find the balance between that and work doesn't leave the time or energy to 'workout'. Not really missing it that much though. It is great to be working/exercising and achieving something beyond the physical and mental. I am going to the Federenko cert in April so I will have to pull my finger out so to speak.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

3 day hike

I was talking to my dad yesterday after they got back from a 3 day hike. He said it was only about 30 or 35 kilometers but it's not the distance it's the terrain. Food for thought there.

Off to LaJolla tommorow to do a Seminar with Franz & Yoanna of Revolution. It is a tough job but someones gotta do it;)

Monday, March 12, 2007

Sac Chainsaw Masacre

There is so much more involved in a tree growing than chopping one down.

Been doing more gardening. Chopped down 3 trees and it was hard work but great fun. Climbing, dragging, chopping, lifting....No reps, No sets just good hard labor intensive work:)

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

It ain't pretty but

it gets the job done. Anyway who wants to be pretty!

Rolling thunder on blocks* #100 5 x 3

TNT Band presses 3 yellow 3 x 3

Ring chins 3 x 3

*The extra foot in the range of motion feels awesome.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Todays training

Beach Boys cruising day.

Club #15 Pendulums 10 x 2
Shield cast 10 x 2

#10 sledge front levers 2 x 2

Sled drag #100 + sled Press x 10 & forward drag 100 feet
Row x 10 & back drag 100 feet

Punchbag light & short

Planks 30 secs x 2

Monday, March 05, 2007

Saturdays & today

Sat was a fun day at the park. Couple of different circuits.

Swings as warm up

#1 (3 times through)
Double KB cleans #36's x 10
1 hand Swings #50 x 5/arm
run approx 400 feet

#2 (3 times)
BW squat x 5
cone runs
run approx 200 feet
Jumping lunges x 5/leg
cone runs
run approx 200 feet
Push ups x 5
cone runs
run approx 200 feet

#3 using #36 KB
Snatch x 5
jump runs same as above
Snatch x 7
jumps runs
Snatch x 9
jumps runs
snatch x 5
jumps runs
snatch x 7
jumps runs
snatch x 5
jumps runs
snatch x 5
jumps runs

#4 (2 times)
Lateral jumps x 3
Forward jumps x 3
run approx 200 feet
Med ball #60 shouldering from zercher position x 5/side

Jogged 4/6 of a mile

Power wheel approx 100 feet forward & then backwards

*Jumps were done over either a 3 foot or 2 foot hurdle


Skip as warm up

Double clean KB #50's 5 x 3
Med ball push press #100 5 x 3

Plank on hands 2 mins
on elbows 2 mins